Ghosts of a Chance

The Ghosts of a Chance ARG seems like a fun way to spend a couple months in the dead of winter. However, I am not that into art, so the story would have to be really gripping for me to do this at an art museum. If they did this same idea at a baseball park or at some place like that, it would be super fun! You could go catch a game and solve a mystery at the same time, which would be great!

I liked the idea of having a similar experience at the museum for people who just wanted to participate for a day. While I like the idea of the 6-8 week program, if people begin to lose interest in the story, it could completely die out. With the day program for visitors, it is short and sweet. There is not enough time to lose interest in it as long as the interest exists at the beginning.

I think Ghosts of a Chance as a learning experience has a lot of potential. As participants learn more and work together, they might uncover ideas that they had no idea about. For example, I don’t know anything about computer coding. In the article it said sometimes clues can be hidden in these codes. Because of this, I might team up with someone who knows code and learn about it in the process.

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