Final Exam: One Unit of Gameplay

Objective: Commit more random acts of kindness (RAKs) and volunteer hours than other players for an amazing prize! This will help out the community that we live in.


1. You can perform as many RAKs as you want, but if you perform three to the same person in one day, that will still only count as one.

2. 1 volunteer hour = 1 RAK

3. The interpretation of a RAK is completely up to the admin.

4. To get credit for a RAK or volunteer hour(s), you have to post a pic, video, vine, etc. of you performing the RAK or volunteering onto the Facebook page I created.


Take five minutes and perform a couple RAKs around UMD. Anything you do will probably fit my description of a RAK.


1. Stand by a heavily used door and open it for people as they walk in and out. Make a vine and compliment them while you do it.

2. Offer to buy someone whatever they are about to buy at the Coffee Shop.

3. Carry someone’s books with them to their classroom. Get to know them.

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