Top Five Worst Things That Would Happen If I Had No Tech for a Week

1. I wouldn’t get out of bed. My phone is my alarm clock, and I have no other substitute. I wouldn’t go buy another clock or a watch for just a week, so I would basically never get out of bed. Therefore, I would miss work and school.
2. I couldn’t do my job. I work at the Statesman, and I need to write my stories and get them to the copy editors. Then, I need to create the layout of the paper, which I need a computer to do. I also usually need to call or text some of my coworkers for this or that on production night.
3. I couldn’t finish my schoolwork. As I said before, I am writing this on a computer. I have papers and quizzes that need to be turned in online. I also have my notifications for due dates on my phone. Without those, I am lost as to when things are due.
4. I wouldn’t know what day it was. If I couldn’t watch TV or check my phone, I wouldn’t know what day it was. I could ask people, obviously, but they would then check their phone or remember that football was on two days ago, so today must be Tuesday. And buying a calendar is not an option, because it’s only a week without my phone.
5. I couldn’t talk to the people I need to talk to. If there was something important that I needed to tell someone, I wouldn’t be able to unless I ran into them somewhere. I don’t have many peoples’ numbers memorized; they are all on my phone. I also wouldn’t have a phone to get into contact with them.

Top Five Best Things That Would Happen If I Had No Tech for a Week

1. I would be able to sleep. Before I go to bed I check Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, etc. If I didn’t have my phone, I would fall asleep much faster. Also, I read a study that if you spend an entire week in the woods with no tech, your sleep cycle will basically reset.
2. I would stop caring about stupid stuff on Facebook. I think if I went a week without Facebook, I would probably never go back. I just need to motivate myself to do so. Also, that would eliminate my problem of being shown up by my friends on Facebook.
3. I wouldn’t have as many distractions as I currently do. I would be able to completely focus in class instead of wondering if someone is trying to get in touch with me. I also wouldn’t waste time playing games like Temple Run. Furthermore, I wouldn’t always be checking my phone, almost instinctually, for the time of day. I would need to start wearing a watch.
4. People couldn’t always get a hold of me. If I wanted to get in touch with someone, I would have to be the one to call. Then I wouldn’t feel obligated to answer a text or a snapchat or something. Besides, the people who I actually want to talk to just show up at my house anyway, so that wouldn’t be a problem.
5. I would find other forms of entertainment. I would read books, which is something I do maybe once a year right now. I would go outside and enjoy nature, something I don’t do often enough. I would exercise more, which would be good.

Top Five Ways Tech Makes Me Feel Worse

1. I can see all of my classmates accomplishing things I am not doing. Logging onto Facebook makes me feel like garbage.
2. I sometimes feel addicted to technology. I use my phone for everything, and can’t imagine going a week without it.
3. People can always get in touch with me, which is not necessarily a good thing. I like to have my personal space, and I don’t like the idea that people can always get in touch with me.
4. Tech can be a distraction. Whether I’m texting someone when I should be focusing in class, or playing Xbox while I should be doing schoolwork, tech can be very distracting.
5. Tech never ends. There is always something new and exciting to discover. However, you have to wade through all the stupid stuff to find it.

Top Five Ways Tech Makes Me Feel Better

1. I can stay connected to my friends. For example, a good friend of mine just had a baby. I haven’t had time to see her and her baby in person yet, but I have seen the two on Facebook.
2. Playing video games let me escape for a little bit. When I play Grand Theft Auto, I can take my aggression out on the citizens and police officers of Los Santos. This is better than taking it out on real people in real life.
3. Playing video games gives me a sense of achievement. When I finally beat a boss in Dark Souls, I feel better about myself.
4. I can enjoy tech with my friends. Surviving a zombie apocalypse with my friends is a great way to have some fun and learn what each other’s favorite four letter words are.
5. Tech enables us to do our jobs. I am writing this on a computer, and have my phone nearby waiting for a text from one of my coworkers.

Top Five Worst Public Tech Behaviors

1. Texting while driving
Texting while driving is dangerous, not only for the texter but also for other people on the road. Put the phone down.
2. Answering a phone call while having a conversation with someone
Have you ever been conversing with someone, and they stop to answer their phone? That’s super rude, unless it’s a phone call that needs to be taken, such as a family emergency or work related.
3. Texting while eating
If you are out for food with someone, put the phone down and talk with them. The phone can wait.
4. Selfies
I feel embarrassed when I see people taking selfies. The idea of taking selfies in public makes me uncomfortable.
5. Loud Ringtones
I hate listening to peoples’ ringtones in public. I understand that “Get Low” by Lil Jon is your favorite song, but do you need it on EVERY time you get a text?


I think the idea of Ingress is super cool! So much so, I downloaded the app after reading the article. I like how the game spans all over the U.S., and you can gain levels and eventually make your own portals. I think it would be cool if as a class we downloaded the app and had a competition between the two teams.

I think the best part about the app is that, if you played long enough, you would visit places you’ve never been before. I am going to Madison, Wisconsin this weekend and I am going to check out if they are playing the game over there. Also, my friends and I are planning a winter road trip, and it would be fun to check the app periodically and choose three places to visit.

Another cool thing about the app is that it encourages people to get up and move around. I have a couple portals within walking distance of my house. I have been to these places before, but if I feel the need to go for a walk, these would be the first places to go. I think the app, and the potential for other apps like it, are super cool.

After reading the above article, Ingress became less cool to me. The article says that Google is using the app to get tons of information about users. This data mining can be used in a number of different ways. I don’t like the idea that they are monitoring me while I play the game.

However, I shouldn’t be so quick to dismiss it. The information they are gathering is going to be used to enhance my experiences with Google. For example, Google did something similar to this a few years ago, and it led to their voice recognition programs. Also, it’s not like they are going to use it for mind control or anything….right?

While I don’t like the fact that they are gathering information about me, none of this information is going to negatively affect my life. I am simply going around town taking pictures of buildings and landmarks. Google knows where I live already, and nothing has happened to me (yet). For now, I’ll play along with them.

In the above article, the blogger says the biggest problem with the game is that some cities are completely taken over by one side. Denver, for example, is taken over by the blue team. This is bad for a number of reasons. However, there are some solutions to the problem.

A city takeover is bad because it makes the game boring, and also discourages new players. The game becomes boring for the team that is winning because there are no new portals to take over. It becomes boring for the losing team because they can’t gain any traction with regards to the war; all of their portals get taken back immediately. It discourages new players because the game becomes boring and they will quickly become uninterested.

However, the blogger says there are a number of ways to solve this problem. One is to have a third party NPC constantly attack the winning team, giving them something to do. Another tactic would be to let the losing team get more perks for taking portals. A third would be to make it a lot harder to defend a large number of portals. Each of these would allow new players to play the game, and keep it from getting boring for the veteran players.


I think the story about a Zilla van den Born is awesome! She tricked basically everyone she knows to think that she was in Asia for a month, solely through the use of Facebook, Skype, and photo shop. I think this would be super fun to try, and it’s especially cool because she did it for a school project about Facebook. This is truly an amazing idea, and she did it perfectly.

I would love to try something like this, but I don’t think I would be able to pull it off. I think it would work if I already lived away from my family and friends, and if they believed I had enough money to travel. But right now, I see my friends every day and I see my parents about once every two weeks, and I wouldn’t want it to be less than that. I think it would be fun to try for a week; say I went somewhere like Colorado and just travel to places in the northland that would look similar (except there would be no mountains). Photo shop would have to be my friend for the project.